Own business on the organization of author’s tours in Russia

Author’s tours today have become for many people both a business and a lifestyle that is nice to show off on social networks. But there are also some pitfalls that you need to be aware of at the start.

Today, thanks to the development of social networks and the ability to directly find customers, author’s tours have gained immense popularity. In connection with the events of recent years, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the closure of state borders, domestic destinations are attracting the most attention. More and more people understand that the territory of Russia is a country with a huge number of beautiful natural, cultural and historical places, and there are enough tourists who want to visit them.

Tourism market trends

Before choosing an idea for a tour and ways to organize a business, you should pay attention to the general trends that are observed in the tourism industry.

  • Market decline in 2020, growth in 2021 . In 2020, the coronavirus hit not only foreign tourism, but also domestic tourism. According to expert data from the Association of Tour Operators, the total flow of domestic tourists decreased by 35-40%, market volumes fell by 40%, and hotel revenues decreased by 2.5 times. However, by the end of 2021, the market is already expected to grow due to pent-up demand and measures and instability with international borders. The HSE experts predict the potential volume at the level of 1-1.5 trillion rubles, while last year the industry earned all 790 billion rubles.
  • Domestic tourism as an alternative to international . Despite the fact that the level of domestic service remains low, the infrastructure is underdeveloped, and the cost of travel and accommodation is not entirely adequate in terms of price-quality ratio, in the face of unstable borders and restrictions due to the pandemic, domestic destinations remain an affordable alternative.
  • Government support for domestic tourism . In 2020, a program to support domestic tourism was launched in Russia, which continued in 2021. In particular, one of the measures was a tourist cashback, through which you can return up to 20% of the cost of the trip.
  • Avoidance of mass. People began to avoid crowded beaches, hotels, and also pay more and more attention to the number of people in the group, refusing mass departures, which is associated with an unwillingness to contact with a large number of people and maintaining social distance.
  • Interest segmentation . The trend of stratifying the audience of tours according to various parameters has been observed for a long time and, no doubt, will continue in the coming years. When choosing a tour, the commonality of interests of the participants becomes more and more important. Tours are divided by age, social status, hobbies. For example, there are more and more hotels and childfree tours where you can’t take children, at the same time you can choose directions and programs for mothers with children, pregnant women, and so on.
  • Change of the main stream of clients . The main mass of clients in the tourism business are people born in the 80s and 90s, who have different views and priorities than previous generations, which leaves a huge imprint on the entire tourism industry.
  • The trend for unique impressions and unique experiences . A direct consequence of the previous generational factor is a change in priorities. If earlier the all-inclusive format, the view of the beach and the proximity of the sea were extremely important to the client, and the organization was required to resolve issues related to visas, tickets and hotels, today a new generation of tourists chooses a vacation that is full of new unusual emotions and which could surprise subscribers in social networks – it can be flying in a hot air balloon, spending the night in themed glampings, participating in national holidays and festivals, excursions to places of power and much more.
  • Accelerated industry transition to online . To cut costs, many travel companies have moved their staff to remote locations, the number of offline offices has dwindled, and customers are increasingly booking trips online. In the EU countries in 2020, people aged 25 to 54 purchased tours on the Internet in 57% of cases. Now any undertaking in the tourism industry without online has no prospects.
  • Reducing the depth of purchases . Due to the fact that the situation in the tourism industry is unstable, people began to buy tours not in advance, but at the very last moment. Buyers fear flight cancellations or losing money on hotel reservations. In this regard, the market has reduced the time for making prepayments for package tours, as well as increased demand for short tours lasting from one to three days.
  • The south is still in the top, but the geography is expanding . According to HSE surveys, the most popular regions for recreation in Russia in 2020 were the southern regions – Krasnodar Territory (26%), Crimea (17%), Caucasian Mineralnye Vody. This is followed by St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad region (5% each), other regions were chosen by less than 4% of Russians. Nevertheless, tourists began to explore other regions more actively – Buryatia, Altai, Karelia, the Urals, Ingushetia, as well as Chukotka and Magadan, where the tourist flow increased by 35%.

Author’s tours: pros and cons

Everyone knows what passive recreation on the beach is and what adventure tourism is with all kinds of expeditions, climbing, extreme sports and more. But what are the similarities and differences between these types of tourism and author’s tours?

The fact is that author’s tours can be both active and not very active, whether or not they include what is called an adventure component is not so important. But the main thing in them is the uniqueness of the program and the impossibility of the participation of a third-party hired guide, working according to a template and clear dates, pipeline is impossible. Author’s tours are exclusive first-hand tours, in which everything is tied to the personality of the author, who acts as the author of the route and guide.

In author’s tours, participants can look at the world through the eyes of a traveler, with whose life position they are, as a rule, well acquainted. Or, at least, received a positive recommendation from friends or acquaintances.

It is worth noting that such tours have existed on the market for a long time, entering the so-called “niche tourism”, but today a more sonorous expression of author’s tours has appeared, which has become popular.

Advantages of author’s tours:

  • Fashion business. As mentioned above, unique travel is in trend today. Unique emotions, unique experience, amazing photos from non-tourist places – author’s tours give something that package tours cannot give to the consumer.
  • Program flexibility . Author’s tours are successful due to the desire of their organizers to create rich programs and diversify the experience. For example, one day the participants of the tour can ride bicycles, another day they can arrange rafting, on the third day – diving, and so on.
  • Expanding the boundaries . There are practically no forbidden places for copyright tours: if you wish, you can organize tours even to deserted corners of the Arctic, to “exclusion” zones and abandoned settlements.
  • Interest segmentation. A client can choose an author’s tour with much more detail and possibilities than a package tour, for example, by the audience and its age and hobbies, by the saturation of adventures and activities, by the similarity of the worldview with the author of the tours.
  • Direct communication with the author. There are no and should not be intermediaries between the author of the tour and its participants in author’s tours. When buying a tour, the client communicates, negotiates, clarifies the details with the one who will conduct it.
  • Small investment . The organization of author’s tours at the start does not imply the presence of its own staff and office, the payment of rent and salaries, investments here are not as significant as those of full-fledged travel agencies. This is a business that you can start on your own, or attract helpers from friends and family.
  • Unlimited price ceiling . The more famous the author and his tours, the more expensive they will cost. Due to exclusivity, no one limits the upper bar for prices.
  • Creative business . Author’s tours have grown together with the creativity of their creator, and creativity and fantasy, as you know, have no boundaries.

Cons of author’s tours:

  • Dullness of business. There is no clear definition of “author’s tours” in Russian laws. From a legal point of view, such activities fall under the activities of tour operators – and this is a completely different level of responsibility, obligations and financial costs. In this regard, many organizers of author’s excursions work in a gray manner, risking fines and criminal liability in case of emergency situations. Sooner or later, this type of income will be formalized and the risks due to changes in legislation are still difficult to predict.
  • Independent development of tours . This factor can be considered both a major plus and a minus. Still, unlike travel agencies that sell ready-made tours, here you need to create them yourself, and periodically replenish your range.
  • Multitasking . In the author’s tours, at least in the initial stages of development, the author will have to do a lot on his own. The tour needs not only to be developed, but also to be sold, that is, to build communication with customers, work out all the service and organizational issues along the route, including housing, visiting tourist places, activities, and so on.
  • Permanent engagement . For the tour organizers themselves, this type of activity becomes nothing more than a lifestyle. No passive approach is possible here.
  • Difficulty in scaling . If you emphasize uniqueness and exclusivity, you are somehow limited by your physical abilities. With an increase in sales, you, of course, can give your tours to hired specialists, but then they will cease to be copyrighted.

Concept: what are the types of copyrighted works

The choice of the author’s tour concept largely depends on the personality of the author himself. Avid cyclists and those who like to ride outside the city can organize bike tours, and photographers, for example, can think about the concept of photo tours on their favorite topics, for example, master classes in landscape photography, photography of architecture, photography techniques for photographing birds, animals, and so on. Below we have outlined a few dozen business ideas that you can use and develop for yourself.

Business ideas of author’s tours:

  • Esoteric/pilgrimage tours. Tours for those who want to touch the places of power, both natural and related to culture, history and religion. You can read more about this type of tourism in a separate article on our website.
  • Diving tours. Tours for lovers of scuba diving and exploration of the depths. Unlike standard tours, you can add an element of exploring the unknown reservoirs of the country to your tour, as well as rent equipment.
  • Bicycle tours / motorcycle tours / tours on ATVs, scooters, etc. Suitable for lovers of appropriate transport. First of all, natural routes are in demand, however, in some cases, the format is also possible for organizing city excursions.
  • Safari tours. As a rule, such tours are associated with African nature reserves in search of animals included in the African Big Five. But if you are familiar with the remote corners of your country, where wild animals live and where a human foot has rarely set foot, you can no doubt suggest that your clients go in search of some other great five that you consider worthy of such a title.
  • Gastro tours / culinary tours. One of the most popular areas of tourism is gastronomic tourism. The program can be built on testing local dishes, and on master classes, and both in combination.
  • Entertaining tours. The word “entertainment” can include hundreds of meanings. You can organize group visits to several amusement parks, create quest tours, moving with a group to different locations and quest rooms, test the best nightlife in the city with a fun company, and much more.
  • Ecological/agricultural tours. One of the most sought after niches is ecotours . If hiking, unknown and untrodden paths, amazing corners of nature beckon you, consider organizing this type of tour. There is also a growing demand for agritourism with stays on farms and farmsteads , accommodation in the countryside, organizing trips to the forest for mushrooms and more.
  • Urban/industrial tours. A large number of fans exist among fans of exploring unusual urban locations and abandoned industrial facilities both within the city and outside it.
  • Extreme Tours. This includes everything related to the extreme component and the desire of people to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. For example, skydiving, rope jumping, off-road tours , climbing and mountain hiking, games and courses for survival / elimination, snowboarding, boxing, paragliding, excursions to the roofs of skyscrapers and much more. In such tours, the focus is on youth and sports people, and the most important point is the safety of the route and the equipment used.
  • Beauty tours. These are author’s tours in the field of beauty, in which stylists, fashion designers, and designers act as guides. Such tours can include master classes, shopping in clothing boutiques, choosing a dress code and style in the spirit of the “Take it off immediately” program and so on.
  • Tours of operating enterprises. An excellent niche for author’s tourism, for those who know how to establish contacts and have access to places where the road is closed to others. You can organize tours to elite wineries and chateaus, eminent industrial sites, excursions to the production of chocolate, sparkling water and anything else by agreeing with representatives of these objects.
  • Historical tours. Author’s historical tours, regardless of the subject, should not resemble a monotonous retelling of historical information – live presentation of material is in great demand today. For example, some organizers create excursions with elements of theatrical performances, add background historical melodies, organize communication with live participants in any events, add master classes, quizzes, quests and other types of activities to the program.
  • Shopping tours. You can buy and sell anything. Think about what you can buy in your area that is not represented in others. This format is a huge success, first of all, with foreign clients, but you can organize it for local ones, for example, if you know well where and what you can buy at a discount.
  • Business / business tours. The purpose of such tours may be the exchange of experience with other companies and entrepreneurs, visiting several business forums and conferences at once, author trainings. Off-site events for corporate clients are in great demand today – with mountain climbing, trips to remote places, team building and other activities.
  • Children’s tours. As a rule, tours and excursions for children are educational in nature. They are introduced to their native places, museums, the homeland of famous poets and writers. But so that such events do not cause boredom and yawning in children, you need to try hard.
  • Recreational / health-improving / relaxation tours. Although author’s tours usually involve active rather than passive rest, you can focus on a complex of relaxing and wellness activities – yoga classes, saunas, spas, massages, mud and healing baths, salt rooms and places where you can experience harmony with nature.
  • Tourism winter destinations. These are tours on skis, snowmobiles, sledges, dog sleds and much more.
  • Air tourism. This includes the organization of flights on balloons and hot air balloons, hang gliding, parachuting. Of course, more often they are possible in the format of one-time events, but you can increase the bill and offer them in a package, for example, long flights, several jumps, accompanying instructor services, photography, etc.
  • Water tourism. These are boat trips, catamarans, rafts, boats, yachts and ships. This type of tourism can be copyrighted by a unique direction, a set of events, an interesting story about the history of the reservoir and places along the route.
  • Educational tourism. Tourism aimed at learning anything from language and cultural traditions to knowledge about a particular profession. Here, master classes, seminars, lectures, educational quizzes and more fit perfectly into the program.
  • Tours for pet owners. You can organize copyright trips and trips for owners of dogs or cats of a certain breed, organize turtle races , visit exhibitions of exotic animals, include pet training lessons in the tour, and so on.

Note that your author’s tour can have any of the above topics, include two or more types of tourism, or even focus on the maximum number of activities (multi-tours). And of course, the above list of ideas is not limited at all, because all people are different and for everyone there is their own type of tourism.

Also, according to the number of participants, author’s tours can be divided into:

  • Individual . These are tours for one, a couple or several people (families) organized according to the most flexible program and taking into account all the wishes of the customer.
  • For small groups . Usually arranged for one or two companies of up to 8-15 people. Such tours are also characterized by maximum flexibility to the wishes of the participants.
  • For medium and large groups. These are tours for groups of more than 15 people, which require great efforts to organize and ensure the safety of participants. Such a tour is already a little less flexible to the wishes of customers, because it cannot adapt to the desires of each person or company.

Registration and formal part of the business

What the law says . Any entrepreneurial activity is regulated by laws, but not all organizers of author’s tours are aware of this. In particular, there is no definition of “author’s tours” in the laws, however, one of the main documents, which is called the Federal Law “On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation”defines a tourism product. According to his first article, a tourist product is a set of transportation and accommodation services, regardless of what additional services are still offered. And since the organizers of author’s tours usually provide such services, then, according to the law, they must be entered in the register of tour operators, become members of the Tourist Assistance Association and pay the appropriate fees, from which the export and evacuation of tourists are paid in emergency situations. There are other rules of the tourism market, which require financial support (from 500 thousand rubles), expensive insurance costing an average of about 200 thousand per year, and so on.

What in practice. Naturally, amateurs, which is called “do not bother”, work “in the gray”, and their activities are regulated only by the Civil Code and the Law on Consumer Rights Protection. Due to the small scale of activities, the inspection bodies are not very interested in them, but nevertheless, this does not relieve them of responsibility. In case of emergency situations with tourists, the organizers try to settle the matter without bringing questions to Rospotrebnadzor, the court and try to return the money to the client, even if he is wrong. Since it has become increasingly easier to recruit groups with the help of technology development, the volume of traffic from amateurs is growing, which cannot but attract attention, first of all, organizations that work in a white manner. In this regard, operators are trying to lobby at the level of Rostourism the issues of fixing all organizers of tours in the legal field, including copyright, obliging them to pay fees. Although there have been no precedents in judicial practice when amateurs would be obliged to fulfill these obligations, sooner or later the business of organizers of author’s tours will begin to be taken out of the shadows.

Treaties. Despite the fact that the work takes place in gray, one way or another, the company or person organizes any services, which means they are regulated by law. In case of disputes, the contract with the client is considered first of all. Although in the case of a court, the existence of an agreement is not a guarantee of the complete removal of the operator’s liability to the tourist, working without it is quite risky. As we said above, there are a great many author’s tours by type, which means that no standard contracts will work here, it is necessary to draw up your own, taking into account many nuances. As for the general rules, lawyers advise breaking down contracts separately for each type of service, and excluding from them any concepts related to tourism, such as “tour”, “tour operator”, “tour product”, “tourist”. Also, everywhere it is better to indicate in the contracts your intermediary role,

Legal form, OKVED and taxes . If you plan to provide services on your own without officially hiring people, the self-employment format will do . The advantage of this form is that all taxes are collected using the My Tax mobile application, there is no need to connect an online cash desk. For other options, it will register an LLC or IP . A self-employed person pays 4% of income when working with individuals and 6% when working with legal entities. When opening an individual entrepreneur or LLC, the simplified system (STS) is usually preferred as a form of taxation. The tax can be paid either on the amount of income in the amount of 6%, or on the difference between income and expenses in the amount of 15%. You can choose the most suitable mode using the website of the Federal Tax Service. As OKVED, you should not choose codes for tour operators, it is better to choose codes 79.90.1 “Activities for the provision of tourist information services” or 79.90.2 “Activities for the provision of excursion tourism services”.

Licenses . Licensing is required for tour operators and people transportation services. Regarding the tour operator activity, the situation on the market was described above. As for the transportation of people, an agreement is usually concluded with a bus fleet that already has such a license. About how to get a license to transport yourself – further.

Legislation concerning excursions. According to Russian laws, if the trip lasts less than 24 hours and no accommodation services are provided, then this is considered an excursion activity , which does not apply to tourism. A license for this type of activity is not required. However, please note that from July 2022, mandatory certification of guides, tour guides and guide instructors will be introduced in Russia. Education, work experience, professional knowledge and skills will be checked, including knowledge of the languages ​​in which the tour is conducted. It will be necessary to re-attest every 5 years, and as a result, an appropriate document and a chest identification card will be issued. Also, the new law prohibits foreign citizens from engaging in excursion activities.

Organization of the tour: basic questions

Most likely, your author’s tour will be somehow connected with the solution of a number of organizational issues. The main ones are acceptance of applications, accommodation, meals and transportation.

  • Booking and payment . You can collect applications without any tool, for example, using messages on social networks, phone calls or instant messengers, or use the site. Today, creating a simple one-page website is easy on your own using website builders. Creating and owning such a resource will be cheap, for example, on the Tilda constructor, the tariff for one site with a complete collection of blocks, connecting your domain and many others will cost only 500 rubles per month. If you organize events in the form of excursions, event agent services such as Timepad may be suitable for recording and paying. Their advantage is that an online cash desk is not required to connect to them, but they charge a commission for their services.
  • Accommodation and meals . The more numerous your groups are, the more willingly the owners of hotels and hotels will meet you halfway with discounts. But keep in mind that many of the objects require an advance payment for the reservation in the amount of about 30-40%. The best option is if meals are also organized on the basis of the place of residence, for example, at least breakfasts or breakfasts and dinners, since it is usually more convenient to organize lunches on the road.
  • Description of tours . One of the key tasks for the organizer of the author’s tour is to give a detailed description of it and indicate what exactly is included in it and what is not. The more detailed the picture of the future trip is worked out, the better, because the client’s ideas may differ from expectations. To save yourself from unnecessary questions, try to answer them right away by posting information in the spirit of “Answers to the most frequently asked questions”. Remember that visuals play a huge role in the description of author’s tours – low-quality or template stock images are unacceptable here. Sometimes photos and images can tell a lot more about a tour than words.
  • Shipping. As mentioned above, in order to transport people by buses and minibuses, in which more than 8 seats are equipped and used both on orders and for their own needs, in addition to the transport itself, you must have at least an individual entrepreneur and a license, as well as drivers with at least 3 years. In this regard, most often tour organizers conclude agreements with bus fleets and transport companies, where they stipulate all the conditions for cooperation. If you yourself plan to obtain such a license, you need to collect a package of documents relating to you as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, documents for your vehicle, as well as documents for drivers (including employment contracts with them and medical documents) and submit them to Rostransnadzor authorities. The application is considered 30-45 days. The amount of the state duty is 7500 rubles, and for the speed of registration it will be necessary to pay another 20 thousand rubles. The license itself is issued for a period of 5 years. For its absence, you can get a fine from 50 to 400 thousand rubles, and in case of causing major damage or receiving income on an especially large scale, criminal liability occurs in the form of large fines up to 500 thousand or imprisonment up to 5 years.
  • Do you need an office ? As long as you work without assistants, an office is not required. You can work at home via the Internet, and if you need to negotiate with one of the serious corporate clients, it is better to use a cafe for this. Not much is needed to organize tours: a computer, megaphones or loudspeakers for conducting excursions, hiking equipment depending on the type of excursion (which, if desired, can be rented out), handouts, souvenirs.

Promotion of copyright tours

Because custom tours aren’t designed to reach the maximum audience, you don’t have to please everyone. You just need to convey your advertising message to the audience you need.

As a rule, the organizers of author’s tours today grow out of bloggers who have already formed such an audience – these are their subscribers. It is they, along with friends and acquaintances, who become the first customers.

Further (if the first rounds were successful), word of mouth is launched. With a successful set of circumstances, you don’t even need to make serious investments in advertising, all that remains is to keep your communities active by regularly posting new interesting content, photo reports and reviews from your tours and attracting new subscribers and customers.

Due to the fact that communication in social networks is built directly, and the client constantly follows the author’s news, you may not need any other tools to attract an audience at all. Today, there are a million tools to attract attention to your community or account within the social networks themselves – targeting, paid promotion of individual posts, paid placement in accounts with related content, mutual PR with other bloggers, paid subscription to additional content for those who leave donations and so on. However, nevertheless, we will give other options that can be used.

  • Contextual advertising . If you already have a website, you need to provide it with traffic. The cost of a click will not be as high as that of travel agencies offering package tours.
  • Distribution advertising . If you correctly guess with the place where your target audience is concentrated, in just an hour or two you can notify a lot of potential customers about your tour. You can even do without the services of a promoter.
  • Partnership with travel agencies . The most flexible travel agencies to market changes understand that it is mutually beneficial to cooperate with the organizers of author’s tours and popular guides from social networks.
  • Partnership with CA source centers. If you run custom tours, it’s a good idea to connect with fitness centers and yoga instructors who can recommend you to clients. In the same way, the organizers of photo tours will benefit from being friends with photo schools, and the authors of bike tours – with tourist and environmental clubs.
  • Discounts and hot tours . If you see that you are not getting a group, and the deadlines are already running out, your task is to minimize costs as much as possible. Create promotions in the spirit of “bring a friend – got a discount” or organize hot sales like large travel agencies.

How long does it take to start promoting the tour? Even if you have a large number of subscribers, you need to consider that you cannot announce a trip before the trip itself. People need to be informed ahead of time. It is better to start advertising tours longer than a week for another 4 months, tours for 2-3 days – for one and a half to two months.

Your own leader. Do you need employees

The key figure is the author of the tour himself, through whose eyes the tour participants see the sphere of life in which he acts as a guide. We emphasize that the author and the guide are one and the same person, otherwise, it will no longer be an author’s tour, but a separation of duties of a travel designer and a hired guide. Here lies one of the main advantages and disadvantages of author’s tours. On the one hand – complete exclusivity and emphasis on personality, on the other hand – the impossibility of replacing it. Just imagine what the reaction will be from people who were subscribed to one person, they came to him, but an unknown assistant suddenly undertook to conduct the tour.

Of course, this does not oblige you to completely ignore the programs created by other people and have assistants in other areas of work. For example, over time, you can hire a marketer or SMM specialist. Also, you may need an accountant so as not to submit reports to the tax office on your own.

What about finances

The organizer of copyright tours may already have everything you need to start: a computer with the Internet, an idea for a program, a ready-made audience that you don’t need to break through with the help of marketing investments. Therefore, you can start such a business from scratch, or by keeping within the amount of no more than 100-200 thousand rubles, spending on a more thorough promotion and debugging some organizational issues.

The cost of organizing tours may consist of the following items:

  1. Development and testing of the author’s program. It is difficult to estimate the costs of creating the author’s tour programs themselves. This is due to the variety of types of tours and the tools necessary for their implementation. Ideally, the program is not created from scratch, but follows from the life experience of the author, his lifestyle and hobbies. The main costs here are rather your time and intellectual efforts. After all, you need to be able to combine the knowledge and experience gained and present it to the audience so that it wants to repeat it all. Another thing is the running of the finished program. Here the costs can be calculated. These can be transport, communications, Internet costs, the purchase or additional purchase of the equipment you need, printing badges and handouts for excursions, the cost of a photographer fixing the route, and so on.
  2. Advertising spending. Here everything is individual from the methods of promotion. Someone invests in the context, someone pumps social networks, someone develops YouTube and sponsorship, someone advances and gains an audience through other bloggers, and so on.
  3. Transport costs. These can be expenses for renting a vehicle with a driver, buying air tickets and tickets for boat trips, taxis, transfers to accommodation facilities, and so on.
  4. Living expenses / meals. This is payment for renting hotels, hotel rooms, catering on the route.
  5. Compensation to other persons involved in the tour – this can be any invited guests, from master classes leading to your assistants, such as photographers and content managers.
  6. Other expenses . This includes payment for travel and tickets to some closed or paid places, for example, to protected areas and museums, the purchase or rental of additional equipment, and so on.

How to put a price on the author’s tour . All the above costs in terms of one tour – this is its cost. Usually, however, it includes only basic costs, such as accommodation and transportation, but you should try to take everything into account, including the amount for promotion and calculating the cost of attracting one person. Adding up all these costs, you can add at least 20-30% to the result obtained, from which your profit will be added. But since the tours are copyrighted, the margin here is limited only by the level of your image.

Revenue . Let’s say you specialize in weekend tours. Having calculated the cost of the tour, you have come to the figure of 4200 rubles of expenses per person. That is, the amount of about 6,000 thousand rubles (+30%) will be quite normal for the tour.

Further, suppose that you organize an author’s tour every Saturday-Sunday. There are usually 8 of them in a month, that is, 4 rounds. This means that by attracting 15 people for each tour, you can count on a turnover of 360 thousand rubles per month.

net profit . If we subtract from this amount the cost of tours (252 thousand rubles), it turns out that the pre-tax profit will be 108 thousand rubles. If we assume that you are working under the USN 6% tax system, then the state will need to pay about another 20 thousand rubles, respectively, you are left with about 88 thousand rubles.

Payback . Considering the small amount of investments, we see that such tours can and should pay off already from the first or second month. Each tour should be profitable on its own, so plan your costs carefully. Ideally, make sure that even with a shortage of customers, you can not go into the red or work to zero, but also earn.

If you feel that the proposed price level was too expensive for customers, competitors have lower prices, and you have not yet developed a name for yourself, it makes sense to start by lowering the price, even if for some time you will have to work at zero or even in a small minus. Yes, for some time you will have to put off the joy of making a profit, but this will avoid the failure of the entire project as a whole.