Own business: how to open a bowling alley

The profitability of such an undertaking can be very different, because if there were incorrect calculations, then it is unlikely to exceed 10%. If you imagine the full load of your bowling club, then the profitability will be very high, because the bowling club can even work around the clock.Bowling is one of the most popular leisure activities for city dwellers. It can be played by a group of people or just two, its rules are simple, and the cost of the game is affordable for many people, and given that the owners of bowling clubs offer discounts to schoolchildren and students, they often visit the club and bring considerable profit. However, there are difficulties, of course, in this direction, the main of which is a fairly high level of competition, especially in large cities. It should be borne in mind that the work of a beginner bowling club at first will be focused on gaining a reputation, while no one in the city knows about the club, it will be difficult to compete with bowling clubs that have worked for a long time. Such a business generally should be provided with a powerful marketing campaign, 

By the way, it is worth noting that the construction of a bowling alley is a fairly costly event, but its popularity allows you to earn in any case, if there are no competitors. And today in many small towns there is not a single bowling club, and you can consider opening your center on the periphery in order to get, at least at first, a very good profit. On the other hand, a person who has several million rubles can afford it, while not expecting a return on his investment even in the first year of work. But still, it is worth considering the option of opening a bowling club in some not too big city, because in all megacities there are usually already a lot of competitors, and the market is not short of offering such services. To get started, for starters, it is worth registering as a business entity, here it is best to choose the form of a limited liability company, which refers to non-public companies. The registration process is standard, the amount of the state fee is 4 thousand rubles. Difficulties may arise when obtaining permits from Rospotrebnadzor and other regulatory organizations, because the premises will be quite complex, complexly equipped, focused on a large number of visitors. But even here there are no special procedures. Difficulties may arise when obtaining permits from Rospotrebnadzor and other regulatory organizations, because the premises will be quite complex, complexly equipped, focused on a large number of visitors. But even here there are no special procedures. Difficulties may arise when obtaining permits from Rospotrebnadzor and other regulatory organizations, because the premises will be quite complex, complexly equipped, focused on a large number of visitors. But even here there are no special procedures.

The next step is to find a place to host your bowling alley. The bowling alley must be equipped with power supply and lighting systems, which are divided into duty and special, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, hot and cold water supply, additionally – sewerage. A security system is installed separately, the most important part of which is a fire alarm. The operating temperature in the play area should be maintained in the range of 18.5 – 21 degrees Celsius, and the average humidity should be 40%. 

Bowling equipment is located on a rectangular area, the dimensions of which are determined based on the number of lanes to be installed and the placement of equipment for the seating area for players, the exact dimensions of the area can be obtained from the equipment supplier (who usually also installs it). But now, for example, several indicators can be given – for one track, a platform with a width of about 2.12 meters is required, for a platform with 10 tracks – about 17 meters. Next – the standard length of the track is about 25 meters, and you need to understand that this is a run-up zone, the track itself and the machine for setting the pins, better known as the pinspotter. To determine the total length, it is necessary to add to this size the size of the passage for servicing the pinspotter at least 1.3 meters, as well as the place for the players to sit – from 3 meters. It turns out,2 , but for 10 tracks – 532.5 m 2 . 

Under the entire area of ​​the bowling alley it is necessary to lay a durable and smooth floor, which is made with reinforcement according to the state standard. There are also requirements for the withstand load, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe tracks it should be at least 300 kg / m 2 , in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bmechanisms – 450 kg / m 2 , in the recreation area – 400 kg / m 2 . Special requirements apply to the technical room. It must be connected to the engine room and is designed to store spare parts and consumables that are used in the operation of the equipment. It is important that sound and vibration isolation be installed, and electrical requirements require, among other things, the installation of a stabilizer. 

Separately, an area is needed to accommodate the reception desk, this place, in addition to a simple work area for two employees, also includes a place to store shoes. It is necessary to allocate from 30 m 2 for this, about 80 more m 2 is allocated for the technical area, it follows that the bowling area starts from 270 m 2 for one lane. 

The cost of renting such a room, of course, will be very high, and renting a bowling alley is often impractical, because it is a complex mechanism that is installed with a connection to all systems of the entire building. In this regard, the owner of a bowling alley often invests in the construction of his premises, that is, it belongs to him on the right of ownership (meaning the case when the bowling alley is located on some floor of the mall). 

Bowling in a separate building will cost even more, because you have to build this building. In any case, you need to count on several million rubles, and often more than 10 million. If you still consider the option of renting, then the cost of one square meter in an average shopping and entertainment center starts from a thousand rubles a month, but usually amounts to 1.5-2 thousand rubles, and in megacities it is even more expensive. 

It is also very important to determine exactly how many lanes you will need for your bowling alley. It is clear that one track is usually too little, queues cannot be avoided, and customers will eventually go to competitors, where you can always rent a track at any convenient time; at the same time, having built more than a dozen of them, for example, you may encounter a situation where a significant part of them is idle, but you have to pay for rent and their maintenance – hence the unprofitability of the entire enterprise. But there is no formula for determining the number of lanes, you need to study the market, focus on how many people live in the village and about how many are potential customers. You also need to understand that bowling is a way of spending leisure time, which means that during the daytime on weekdays there are usually too few visitors, but on weekends and the day before, and also in the evening there is a lack of capacity. People do not like to wait, and usually a person can wait a maximum of 20 minutes before the lane becomes free. 

The average bowling club has seven lanes, large centers build 10-15 lanes, but bowling with only 4 lanes can be successful. An entrepreneur must consider many factors when drawing up his business plan, and if initially building a small center, then you need to at least have the opportunity to further expand your territory.

The next moment is the search for an organization that will install bowling equipment. Usually, companies make a small discount when recalculated per track if several are ordered for installation. A ready-made set of equipment costs about 2.3-2.4 million rubles for only one track, the cost of installation for one track is additionally paid – about 180 thousand rubles more. This amount includes the price of all necessary systems, including not only the pinspotter itself, but also other devices such as an electronic counting system. That is, this includes, among other things, the price of software that serves the entire bowling center. 

Additionally, equipment is purchased for the reception desk, for the locker room, furniture is purchased – this can cost the entrepreneur 100-200 thousand rubles, and if necessary, a design project is ordered (about 1.5 thousand rubles per square meter of area). You also need to buy balls and skittles, a set of skittles costs about one and a half thousand rubles, you only need to buy several sets for one lane, but balls are much more complicated. One ball costs an average of about 2 thousand rubles, for one track you also need to buy them as a set so that there are balls of different masses. Many equipment suppliers even offer different designs of balls, for example, they can be simple classic ones, or they can be multi-colored or even made in the colors of the company. Still need to buy a set of shoes, 

One pair of shoes costs about 1.5 thousand rubles, although sometimes it costs much more, you will also have to buy them for only one track, several pairs, and sometimes quite a lot, because if a company of people comes, then each of them needs to allocate shoes, and some people have the same shoe size. You still need to set aside some amount for the purchase of spare parts and consumables for the maintenance of your lanes, but usually this is a small amount. Suppliers of equipment and accessories can supply cleaning devices, as well as mechanisms that require replacement at certain intervals. However, depreciation deductions allow you to update worn-out equipment.

To work, you need to hire a lot of people, because the maintenance of a bowling club requires a lot of effort. For a small club, however, it is enough to find 2-3 people of attendants, each of them will receive 15-20 thousand rubles a month, you need to hire more people so that they work at the cash desk and at the issuance of shoes, here you usually need not more than three employees regardless of the size of the bowling center, only the largest ones may need to hire additional staff for such positions. Such people receive an average of 25 thousand rubles each. 

For 30 thousand rubles a month, you can find an administrator who will be the head of all the other staff and will resolve all issues with visitors. Further, if necessary, specialists are accepted who are engaged in the promotion of the company’s services, but the entrepreneur himself can engage in such activities. Or he can just be a leader. 

All business processes that are not related to the organization’s profit can be outsourced. The marketing campaign uses ATL techniques, but a bowling club located in a shopping and entertainment center can count on a certain flow of visitors simply because the traffic in such places is always high. And if you order advertising, then a large number of people will learn about bowling, and already people will come to the shopping and entertainment center even just because of bowling. If you have the funds, you can create your own website where you can post the schedule, as well as provide the ability for customers to book tracks. In general, at first there may not be enough visitors, but if the marketing strategy is correct, then in the first months of work there will be a lot of customers, at least in order to

As already noted, the cost of an hour of play varies greatly depending on the time of day and whether it is a day off or a weekday. On holidays, the cost of the game usually also increases. The price may also differ in different establishments, and a bowling club may be oriented to a different contingent of consumers. For example, there are bowling centers that offer favorable prices, because the calculation is for students and schoolchildren, but it is beneficial for the company that a lot of people always come. 

There are family bowling centers and vice versa those that are designed for wealthy people. But still, the easiest way is to create such a club that almost everyone can come to, and for this a strong price difference is established at different times. The highest price is usually 800 rubles for one hour of playing on the track, rarely exceeds one thousand rubles, but can reach 200 rubles per hour at a time when there are usually few visitors. This really works, as many cannot afford to pay such a high price, even if they come in groups. 

Another bowling club can offer its regular visitors club cards that offer a discount on services. A bowling club, by the way, can earn extra money for providing additional services, some establishments may have a bar, and sometimes even billiard tables are additionally installed; however, this usually applies to those bowling clubs that are to some extent entertainment centers or are simply located on the territory of the mall. 

As a result, the profitability of such an undertaking can be very different, because if there were incorrect calculations, then it is unlikely to exceed 10%, but in any case it depends on a huge number of factors. Bowling club makes money precisely due to the fact that it is visited by a lot of people. If you imagine the full load of your bowling club, then the profitability will be very high, because the bowling club can even work around the clock (but then you have to hire additional staff for service). Imagine that the average cost of an hour is 500 rubles, then in 30 days with a twenty-four-hour workload, the income will be 360 ​​thousand rubles from one track alone. Let’s take 10 tracks for calculation – then the income will be 3.6 million rubles. 

With a load of only half – 1.8 million. The cost of rent will be 964 thousand 500 rubles at a price per square meter. Six people working for 20 thousand rubles (service personnel), six more people working for 25 thousand rubles (cashiers and employees serving customers), 2 more managers receiving 30 thousand rubles each – a total of 330 thousand rubles. Other expenses include payment for outsourcing services, maintenance of their machines, but it is unlikely that their amount will exceed 50 thousand rubles. The rounded amount of expenses is about 1.3 million, that is, the amount of operating profit is about half a million. With such indicators, the profitability is already above 25%. Of course, these are all too average calculations, especially since not every bowling club has such attendance. Thus, it can be said that