Fitness goes online: how to make money on online training

Today, online training is a trend that every fitness trainer should reckon with. How to competently organize an online business and adapt your work online? Let’s talk about it in the article.

The development of the Internet has contributed to the fact that many services have moved online. And the pandemic and the period of self-isolation only proved the viability and relevance of this format. People are accustomed to online services, they are convinced that it is convenient, and this trend will be relevant even in a few years.

Fitness has become one of those areas that have exploded online. It is especially popular with girls, because in women’s training you can do without special equipment and simulators, and effective exercises are quite suitable for home conditions. There are many reasons why people choose online training.

  1. First, complexes are to blame. Many clients are embarrassed about their body, and therefore do not dare to start training. As statistics show, 9 out of 10 people refuse classes precisely because they are ashamed of themselves and are afraid to look somehow wrong in the gym. Online training solves the problem, allowing everyone who wants to do fitness in comfortable conditions for him.
  2. Secondly, it is convenience and freedom. Both the coach and his ward can schedule a workout at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  3. Thirdly, it is economy. Prices for online training are much lower than personal training in fitness rooms. But you can save not only money, but also time: with online training, you don’t need to go to the gym, but just go online.
  4. Fourth, it’s a choice. A student can choose a trainer from any fitness club, city, country. So more likely to find the perfect fit fitness trainer.

What does this mean for a fitness trainer?

Most importantly, no matter where you live, you have the opportunity to attract potential customers – and thanks to the Internet, your audience is becoming much wider. It doesn’t matter what sport you specialize in. Almost any type of fitness training can be adapted for home use. The main difficulty lies in reaching out to your client, standing out from the competition and developing an algorithm that would allow you to effectively use the possibilities of online classes.

Another plus of online fitness is that it allows the entrepreneur to save money. If you are a trainer who wants to open his own business, then it would be rational to start with online training. Opening a full-fledged fitness club requires huge investments, which not everyone can afford. There is no need for a room, a limit on the number of people involved (it is limited only by the capabilities of the server where the broadcasts take place).

You can save and invest this money in creating your professional site, which will also allow you to monetize your site:

  • This is a platform where you can conduct training online;
  • This is a tool for promoting and finding customers;
  • This is an opportunity to provide our services to clients living in different cities and countries;
  • This is a way to organize sales of additional materials and consultations. For example, these can be training records, selection of a set of exercises, video lessons, individual lessons and consultations;
  • This is a reserve for the future to expand the business. For example, over time, you can connect an online store to the site – and earn money by selling sports nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins, sports equipment and other things.

Thus, online fitness has significant advantages for both service users and entrepreneurs who work in this area.

Relevance of the business idea

According to Yandex.Wordstat, in April 2020, the number of search queries for “online training” increased five times and amounted to 123,000. So, during the quarantine, the Russians learned what “remote fitness” is and tried a new format that many liked to your liking. High demand triggered an increase in supply: the online fitness market has significantly strengthened and continues to do so. Those who managed to be the first to respond to market changes were able to make good money on this and gain a foothold in the niche. But even now it is possible to enter the market. The Internet is huge, the audience is very different, so everyone will find their customers if they position themselves correctly and create an original offer.

Why it is important to become an online coach now

There are many reasons for this, but the key one is the current situation with the pandemic, which has shown that it is sometimes difficult to predict risks and almost impossible to resist them. Many businesses, including those in the fitness industry, have been hit hard by the pandemic. Those who were able to quickly orient themselves and adjust to the new working conditions survived. That is why it is important to develop different business formats and always have additional resources. The trend is becoming obvious – the world is moving online, and over the years the Internet will penetrate more and more into our lives. Therefore, it is so important to adapt to the online format now. Although it should have been done yesterday.

The second reason is related to the previous one. For a long time they have been telling everyone about the importance of personal hygiene, distancing, that gyms are a favorable environment for the spread of the virus … All people are so used to it that they will not soon rush to fitness clubs, where there are common exercise equipment, showers, locker rooms and group lessons. Therefore, many will continue to choose online classes. If you do not want to waste time and customers, you will have to adapt to the current conditions.

The third reason is profit from training. Working in a fitness club, you give most of the profits to the owner of the club. If you are a private coach, then you can invest all the profits in yourself and the development of your business.

Who will be interested

Such a business can be organized by a specialist, a fitness trainer with experience. At the same time, he does not even have to leave his main job. At the stage of preparation (development of programs, creation of a website, shooting video lessons, etc.), these activities can be combined.

The topic of online fitness is also interesting for the owners of clubs, gyms, dance studios, etc. This is an additional income to the main business and, just the same guarantor of stability.

And any enterprising person can make money here. Even if you are not a coach, but have managerial and organizational skills, then you have a chance to open an online business. Why don’t you start creating a website, finding trainers and technical equipment. This is an important part of the workflow that often stops coaches who are hesitant to go into private business. And by joining forces, you can open such a project.

Pros and cons of working as an online trainer

If you are still in doubt about whether to go online, weigh the pros and cons of such an activity.

Work from anywhere in the world without leaving homeSave time, you can work several hours a day and build a flexible schedule for yourselfWith a constant flow of customers, you can count on a high level of incomeOnline format reduces risks and meets modern business conditionsGrowth in demand for online services is predicted in the futureTechnical difficulties of organizing online classesIrregular work schedule (the online instructor does not have paid sick leave, the ability to put a replacement coach)Earnings depend on the number of clientsWithout a formed client base, it will be difficult to assemble a group

What formats and platforms exist

So, we found out why online fitness is so good and why it is worth implementing this business idea. Now let’s move on to specific steps. You need to start by deciding in what formats online trainings are held and what platforms can help with this. The technical side of the issue is very important here, because the quality of the service depends on it.

The use of online fitness opportunities can be represented in four formats:

  • Internet broadcasts of group workouts of fitness clubs;
  • training programs that the coach records on video and then makes available to his students;
  • individual or group training of instructors using videos on YouTube, Skype and instant messengers;
  • online marathons, where a sports group performs the tasks of a coach common to all, but does not receive feedback from him.

Live workout 

Broadcasts can be conducted using various webinar platforms: eTutorium, iSpring Learn,, etc. And you can use social networks, where there is a live broadcast function. Conference venues such as Zoom, Skype, etc. are also suitable.

Which platform should you choose? There is no unequivocal leader who would be better in all respects. Each platform has its pros and cons. Live broadcasts in social networks allow you to attract new subscribers and customers. However, if you do not have a promoted account, then you should not rely on social networks. Yes, and a person can simply walk past your live broadcast, not notice or turn it off after 5 minutes.

Webinar sites are good because they have many additional tools that are useful for work. For example, a mailing service, a landing page constructor, etc. But the downside is that such platforms are paid.

The advantage of conferencing applications like Skype is that the coach can schedule and track who is present at the workout. For the practitioner, the advantage is that the coach sees him on the screen and can correct the exercise technique. This is especially true for the format of individual lessons.

You can organize video recording of workouts and sell access to materials. In addition, there is an individual consultation or accompaniment of the participant and other types of interaction with each. On the plus side, it will save you time in the future, as the videos can be used over and over again. The downside is that such a solution is not suitable for all types of fitness and is not always convenient for the client.

Using a YouTube channel is good because your content will not be lost, it will continue to be watched. You can provide free access to a wide audience by limiting it with a link. YouTube broadcasts a video stream without any interaction with the speaker. And for the training format, this can be a minus.

There are special services that allow you to register training participants or sell subscriptions. Some have automatic distribution to the database of registered participants. This way you can share a link to a conference, a webinar room, a profile in social networks, etc. or send additional promotional materials. The advantages of such services are in automation, it greatly simplifies the work.

How to schedule online fitness work

If you decide to conduct personal training on your own, without involving a whole team of trainers, then you need to learn how to plan and schedule. Moreover, this activity covers not only the schedule of classes, but also synchronization in time. People from different cities and countries can sign up for your classes. We’ll have to somehow solve the problem with time zones. It is solved at the stage of formation of a fitness group. It is better to immediately identify this moment and select the participants so that both they and you feel comfortable during training. For example, if you live in Moscow, then it will be difficult for you to train people from Khabarovsk. So you need to systematize the client base and immediately build it correctly. So, the geographic issue is resolved.

The next level is a personal schedule for oneself. You don’t have to adapt to every client at the expense of your productivity. Nobody needs overloads, so make a schedule based on the comfortable amount of your workload. Too much load can negatively affect the quality of your services, so do not chase the number of clients.

But thanks to I understand that not every client is yours, you will be able to choose those with whom it will be interesting and comfortable for you to work. Many practicing trainers advise keeping a list of personal principles by which clients are recruited. This helps to navigate when the work is put on stream. It is clear that at first, when each client is worth its weight in gold, you have to think in other categories. It is also not necessary to set excessive requirements for the client. But it is important to identify for yourself the key characteristics by which you recruit a group. This will also help you in your training program.

And one more point in the work of a fitness trainer is maintaining social networks. Clients for online business need to be found online. So be sure to lead social networks, plan content, talk about yourself, get to know the audience. All the information collected will help you in your work. In the service industry, it is very important to feel your audience and understand what they want. That is why we will talk about how to study your potential customers.

Audience characteristics and how to please them

How to study your target audience and build a customer base:

  1. Decide what type of clients you want to work with. Male or female audience? What will be the purpose of their training? What level of preparation? Will it be group or private lessons? Answer as detailed as possible – this will come in handy for the next paragraph.
  2. Create a template with 3-4 workout templates for your typical client
  3. Develop a training program accordingly.
  4. Determine which platforms, services, social networks, software will be involved in your work
  5. Form a price for your services. Focus on the average market indicators and correlate them with your level of motivation. You don’t have to work at a loss. If you have no idea how much money will be spent on preparation, then first draw up a business plan, where you write down the costs and income of the project. Keep in mind that the cost of online support is usually 2-3 times lower than the cost of individual training in a fitness club.
  6. Compose a questionnaire for your future client. It is enough to include 10-15 questions there.

You must clearly understand what and to whom to offer. If you are training for children to develop muscles and strengthen the body frame, your audience is parents, but rather even moms. Accordingly, all content and communication should be built taking into account the target audience.

Next, you need to understand that most women come to you to lose weight. You need to adapt to them, take into account the physiological characteristics of the body, the load, as well as the content that you produce. Girls will also like programs with the development of flexibility.

Men prefer programs aimed at increasing muscle mass. The content for them will also be different, as well as the approach as a whole. You must clearly understand what a person wants from you, and, starting from this, build your relationship with him.

Clients come who want to increase endurance, strengthen muscles, perhaps even work through an injury. We remind you that you must soberly assess your capabilities and not take people with those requests that you do not know how to work with and goals that you cannot help realize.

How to create an online customer profile

All content, communication and training program is based on the needs and interests of the target audience. You can get to know your customers with the help of a questionnaire. For this, a Google form is useful – a simple but convenient tool.

What questions should be included in this questionnaire:

  • Basic information: name, age, gender, phone number, email address.
  • Health information: history of injuries, illnesses, restrictions and contraindications.
  • Training history: what level of physical fitness the person has, whether he has worked out before, and if so, with which coach and in which club.
  • Motivation: for what purpose did the client come to train? What result do you want to see and after what time?
  • Leading questions: why did the client come to you? How often are you ready to exercise?
  • Questions “about life”: what your client is interested in, what type of vacation he prefers, what he enjoys.

Before you start training, be sure to study the responses to clients and make a mini-note about each. This will help in developing the program and communicating with the client.

Where to look for clients

Attracting them through your social networks is the most reliable way, because people buy from people: whom they know (albeit on the Internet), whom they trust. So the most important conclusion from this: develop social networks, show your expertise, share results, communicate with subscribers, give them some benefit, involve them in communication.

Potential clients can be found in subscriptions to the pages of fitness clubs, sports nutrition and sportswear stores, and blogs of other trainers.

You can also place ads about the services of an online trainer on specialized sites – the likelihood of attracting clients from there is not so great, but it will not be superfluous.

How to be a coach to succeed in online fitness

Your main advantage is your experience and knowledge. Do not try to copy someone, recycle someone else’s material, use someone else’s successful business model. It is your uniqueness that gives you an advantage over others, so start by asking yourself: what are you best at? In which direction do you show the best results? What knowledge and skills do you have? What are you interested in? Start from this, reflect the answers to these questions in your social networks and classes. The biggest selling secret in online fitness is being the right trainer for a group of people. You don’t need everyone who wants to do fitness online. You need to find your unique niche in which you have an advantage and collect the target audience.

Once you find your niche, marketing becomes easier and more effective.

financial question

To start online training, you need a minimum budget. It is enough to invest 15-20 thousand rubles: in advertising, creating a website, paying for the platform. Each project will have its own budget because each trainer starts at a different level. Someone already has an audience recruited in social networks – and it will cost him less to attract customers. Someone will start from scratch – and then you will have to spend money on the site and its promotion. Someone decides to conduct their lessons on a free platform, while for someone it is more convenient to use a webinar platform where payment is required. But, in general, we are talking about small amounts that can pay off after a month of work.

The profitability of such a business reaches 50%. The monthly income from online training is 30-60 thousand rubles, but the upper limit of earnings is blurred here. There are those who earn 100 thousand rubles or more on online fitness. The amount of income depends on many factors: the number of clients, the direction in which the trainer works, his pricing policy, the availability of additional income, etc. Here are approximate amounts that do not guarantee you the same level of income, but show the financial potential of online training.


If you want to develop in your field, then online training is a must. Something that in the future will provide you with a stream of clients, a stable income, a reputation as an expert, adaptive trainer. A competent approach to business will allow you to open your own business and increase the level of earnings.